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Kay has been a practising and  qualified beauty and holistic therapist for20  years  and   is  qualified to  VTCT  levels  3  and  4  in  advanced  epilation  techniques  after  many  years  of  electrolysis  practise  she  added  skin  blemish  removal to  her  qualifications,She has now  been removing skin tags  and red veins since 2011. “ I am passionate about helping people feel good and confident about their appearance. I love my career and that I can do that .

Advanced Beauty treatments



Thread/red veins and blood spots and skin tags

Red veins and ,blood spots and spider veins can be reduced or removed with an advanced cosmetic procedure similar to electrolysis but only on the facial area.

Skin tags and many other blemishes Can easily be removed using advanced cosmetic procedures,this is by way of cauterising the skin blemish or tag.

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