Privacy Policy

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In compliance with general data protect register( GDPR),this privacy policy tells you how We handle any personal informationI collect from you,how it is obtained and what it is used for.It also details how you can access the information that is stored and request to delete it.

Client record cards:

I am required for insurance purposes,to keep a full and updated record of each client that attends an appointment with me for 7 years from the last appointment.This record includes,name,address,phone number DOB,details of your doctor,any medical conditions you currently have or have had within the past 5 years,medications you are taking and any allergies you have.We also keep any information that may effect your treatment .

We also record on the record card your treatments you receive and on what date .

This information is necessary to allow me to provide a safe and professional treatment and the correct after care for the treatment you receive.

We do not ask for an email address but you may leave one if you wish.

At no time will any of the above information be shared with anyone (other than a health care professional in a medical emergency).All record cards are stored under lock and key.You may veiw your record cards at any time you wish or ask for it to be deleted at any time.

We with your permission take before and after pictures which we us a record of your treatment and for advertising purposes ( identity protected) However any publish pictures will be removed at your request.

When taking telephone appointments we will take your full name and a contact telephone number we need the number incase we need to make amendments to your booking and we sometimes text onereminder of you appointment.

by calling by telephone and giving your details or attending a consultation and completing our consultation/ record card you are agreeing to our privacy policy

Please contact me if you have any further questions regarding this privacy policy.