Q and A

What does advanced cosmetic procedures mean? Is it painful?

advanced cosmetic procedures is the new name for advanced electrolysis.Results are often considered to be very good,with little to no marks left on the skin  and  are  usually  permanent  in  nature.

The discomfort level is very low and usually brief.

The treatment often only takes a few minutes.

What treatable skin conditions may be treated with ACP?


campbells de morgan’s /blood spots

Spider naevi

Skin tags


Warts including


small sebaceous cysts

Small moles (GP referral)

Are there any contra indications?

There are very few contraindications and these will be discussed during your free consultation.If you have a medical condition you are likely to be asked to obtain permission from your GP Prior to treatment.

Treatment is not advised if your skin is prone to keloid Scarring.

If pregnant it is advisable to wait until after the birth of your baby to receive treatment.


*Apply the soothing product regularly with clean fingertips or damp cotton wool.Apply quite liberally always on top of the existing application.( This will keep the area cool and prevent infection from entering) If the area feels particularly hot and uncomfortable place a dampened cotton pad soaked in the soothing product onto the treated area.

*Avoid direct heat such as baths ( showers),saunas,or exposure to ultra violet light sun or sun beds.Also be careful of a hot hair drier.

*Use a minimum of SPF 25 over areas treated ( and exposed to UV light) for 6 weeks.

* Avoid deodorant ( if underarm area treated)

*Do not apply any other product to the treated area unless advised to do so.

*Avoid touching the area.

*Aim to wash/ cleanse around the treated area and pat dry ( Avoid rubbing)

*Avoid anything associated with causing the skin blemish in the first place (hard nose blowing alcohol,spicy foods glasses to tight etc.)

* Do not pick of crusts of scabs allow them to fall off naturally .Premature removal may result in scarring.

What are the risks and potential complications from ACP?

When the treatments are performed correctly and home care advise followed there is little or no chance  of permanently marking the skin.

However there will always be some risk of a small mark .

it is important that the after care advised for at home is carried out to aid  a smooth and full healing process.This will reduce the risk of any complications.

skin healing takes around 10-14 days although some people find they heal quickly and others more slowly.

How long does it take to recover from ACP?

No recovery time as such  is necessary .

You can return to work and normal activities immediately after a treatment. Depending on the particular skin condition being treated and the size of it,you can expect some post treatment discomfort and scabbingas the area heals.If being treated on you face you may wish to plan treatments around social events if you do not wish to attend them before post-treatment healing has completed.